with smoked meats


As a kid, Duke was an Eagle Scout who grew up running around the Rocky Mountains searching out roadside jerky stands and exploring Colorado’s back country with his family.

His love of smoked meats really kicked into high gear when a neighbor gave him an old backyard smoker. He started spending all of his free time obsessing over different cuts of meat, inventing and reinventing the perfect marinades and using unique hardwood smokes on jerkies and sausages.

from the backyards


We never imagined our family-favorite recipe would gain fans across the country. But don’t worry—we still keep things humble around here. Our original crew has grown, yes. But our ingredients, process, and people haven’t lost an ounce of integrity. After all, it’s our no-shortcut policy that got us here today.


Freshly Crafted Promise

NO. 1Fresher Cuts of Meat

Our steak and brisket strips are carefully crafted with 100% grass-fed beef. We use fresh, never frozen pork and chicken that is delivered to our kitchen at roughly 32 degrees. It’s not easy (it’s why most other brands don’t do it), but we wouldn’t do it any other way.

NO. 2Real, Whole Ingredients

Dried spices are great, but nothing can recreate the flavor of real chile oils, ripe vegetables, juicy fruits, and diced herbs when it comes to flavoring meats. It’s the not-so-secret way we get our fresh flavor mojo.

NO. 3Creative Smoke Pairings

Pig Pig
We bring a different level of creativity to how we smoke our meats. Red wine-soaked barrel wood, avocado wood chips, bourbon barrel planks… Hell yeah. Different, unique hardwood smokes add more complex and nuanced flavors to our meats.

NO. 4Freshly Crafted in Small Batches

All our meats are made in small batch case quantities. Next time you are enjoying a bag of Duke’s, flip over the bag. We stamp the specific batch case quantity right there on the back for you to see.

“Smoked meats should be more than a good source of protein. They should be a good source of happiness.”